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Fully Open Folding window
Fully Open Folding window

Full Open folding window flexibility is relatively large, you can make any line of the façade effect, and for the floor-to-ceiling windows of Oita, the opening fan only occupies a very small part of the whole window, so the fully opened folding window is more suitable for the overall effect of the building more stringent high-end properties, especially in line with the architect's pursuit of Oita A building with good penetration effect and smooth appearance.


Full Open folding window has a strong waterproof performance to the conventional push-pull window, open folding window has a special waterproof groove, drainage hole. Make the room with the natural air naturally pass, the indoor air is fresh, at the same time drain the rain into the room possibility. The fresh air undoubtedly creates a comfortable living environment for people.

The open-top folding window has the characteristics of high support force for the Open folding window, and the window sash of the open folding window can support 400 kilograms of objects at the same time. Window sash around the layout of the linked hardware and hands in the indoor operation of a variety of functions, closed when the window sash are fixed on the window frame, so the safety and anti-theft performance is excellent.


Fully open folding window seal balcony ventilation lighting effect

Balcony window is a large floor-to-ceiling window, can be said to be a set of house lighting area of the largest location, the scenery outside the window unobstructed. Often open the window ventilation can replace the indoor turbid air, maintain indoor air freshness, open the window daily ventilation for 15 minutes. And it can also be the sun shining indoors, play a bactericidal role.


Open Folding window seal balcony safe, anti-mosquito

Window yarn Integrated windows, according to the size of the balcony size and your actual needs to design the size and number of open bits, whether your house is high-rise or low-rise, can be very good to protect the safety of the family, especially the safety of ignorant children, the glass fan open state, King Kong yarn mesh closed state. Bright Beautiful open folding window all King Kong NET using 304 stainless steel mesh, effectively blocked mosquitoes, but also resolved the security of the balcony anti-theft. If the lower level is no longer worried about going to work or out of town there are gentleman to patronize at will.