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Fold-out windows
Fold-out windows

In order to prevent dust and rain, and in order to be ventilated, we will choose to install folding windows on the balcony. Today we are going to introduce you to some of the relevant knowledge about folding windows. This knowledge consists mainly of two aspects, one is the brand of folding windows, and the other is the installation technique of folding windows.


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Fold-out windowsInstallation Tips

  1. Should be installed in front of the brick, can ensure waterproof, but also to avoid the expansion of bolts exposed, affecting the beautiful

  2. In advance to measure the balcony closed surface size, processing custom-made, and check whether the window and hole size is consistent.

  3. Before installation, the window should be removed immediately close to the wall of the base material, punching at the fixed point, preset expansion bolts, in order to secure the form.

  4. 折叠式窗户

  5. Window frame and wall due to uniform spacing, with foaming glue layered filling gap, to ensure full and dense. The inner and outer sides of the window frame must be sealed with silicone to prevent seepage.

  6. Silicone as far as possible with transparent, after drying up to deal with, because it is easy to change color, it is not appropriate to play too much, silicone a penthouses with a set.

  7. When assembling glass, plastic pads should be arranged, with glass inserts or glass glue filled with clinging.

  8. Finally, the protective film must be removed after installation.


This paper introduces the brand of folding windows and the installation skills of folding windows to help you better understand the folding windows of this product. No matter which brand to choose, we must according to their own actual situation, such as their own economic strength, balcony style and other factors to make decisions, do not blindly follow.