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Professional Folding Balcony window
Professional Folding Balcony window

Professional Folding Balcony windowIs a window and expand the balcony, professional folding balcony Windows take into account the balcony of the practical function and leisure characteristics, usually locked up do not worry about rain and dust, but also very safe, leisure time can be opened, blowing on the balcony, enjoy the scenery is also no problem. Professional folding Balcony window is not like ordinary windows can only open half, want to fully open is also possible, in ensuring safety and practicality at the same time, but also to meet the requirements of the owner leisure.

In many big cities, commuters struggle for several years can only buy a small house, home even a balcony is not, even if there is a balcony, will count into the floor area, think of a balcony will be good tens of thousands of, which makes a lot of people flinch. If you install a professional folding balcony window, you don't have to worry about this problem at all, when you want to open it.


Professional folding Balcony window using tempered glass and aluminum alloy material, strong, safe or secure, taking into account the psychology of some afraid of high, folding balcony is divided into fully transparent, translucent and opaque three kinds, very thoughtful consideration.

In fact, professional folding balcony Windows is not only safe and novel, but also convenient and practical. But this kind of balcony load-bearing is not comparable to the ordinary balcony, so want to plant flowers on the grass to consider clearly in advance, this folding balcony in the country is still rare.