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Frameless Folding Window
Frameless Folding Window

Frameless Folding window design, so that each window can be moved left and right, the entire balcony window can be fully open according to the needs of users, can be all closed, fully retain the balcony should have the characteristics and functions. Frameless Folding window can be very effective to cover the wind and rain, partition dust and noise, reasonable structure so that the window can be opened inward, do not have to poke the body out of the outside to clean the window, cleaning is very safe and simple.


Frameless Folding window lighting is good. After experimental test, the lighting effect of inclined roof window is more than 10% higher than that of ordinary window. It can be an hour late to turn on the lights every day. At the same time can enjoy the night horoscope, add fun.

Frameless Folding Window insulation. The heat transfer coefficient of hollow glass used in inclined roof skylight is 2.5-4 times times smaller than that of ordinary glass. Some people have done experiments in the hot season in Guangdong, under the same environmental conditions, the average glass window indoor room to open 10 times a day air conditioners, and in the room equipped with insulating glass only 3 times.


Frameless Folding Window soundproofing and noise prevention. The hollow glass of the sloping roof skylight can block more than 30 decibels of noise.

Frameless Folding Window Sloping roof skylight using the middle spin open way, easy to air flow into the room, even if the winter season will not make the cold wind, but gently make the indoor air fresh; easy to skylight switch.