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Frameless Glass Balcony
Frameless Glass Balcony

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Open screen door and window frameless glass balcony is a safe and sturdy balcony Window System certified by the Chinese market. Open screen door and window frameless glass balcony structure so that your balcony window has the greatest transparency, can enjoy a good view of the surrounding natural scenery, beautiful appearance, and configuration of high-quality accessories.


Frameless Glass Balcony Product Features:

1, frameless glass balcony using super aluminum alloy materials: wear and corrosion resistance, not easy to deform, after testing the profile in 10 kg of tension without deformation.

2, frameless glass balcony distinctive pneumatic rivets: the use of excessive coordination, its surface chrome treatment, non-corrosive, durable and exquisite.

3, frameless glass balcony using a high starting point stainless steel shaft.

4, Frameless glass balcony module Type solid shift plastic shaft: high wear-resistant nylon as the raw material for injection molding parts, with high-precision miniature bearings, smooth and slippery movement.


Open screen door and window frameless glass balcony In many years of market experience continue to improve, the pursuit of detail excellence, window fan handle from the earliest all-plastic manufacturing improved to exquisite aluminum plastic pressure, fine changes to bring the overall balcony window of the noble visual senses. The overall beauty of the window sash, creating a modern sense of the overall balcony, the balcony is more comfortable to use, the balcony is also more clean and clean, but also increased your free space.


Open screen doors and windows can be made to meet customer needs of high-quality products, because he listens to the voice of customers and adhere to the continuous development of products. The timely and complete delivery of products ensures the satisfaction of our customers and the continuity of their business. Opening up dialogue and cooperation among the various participants contributes to the comfort, health and safety of living. The survey of customer satisfaction helps us to develop in the right direction.