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Frameless window
Frameless window

Frameless window using high-fidelity tempered glass, the corresponding hardware accessories combined with large cross-section aluminum alloy structure, its design, so that each window can be moved left and right, but also 90 degrees open by block arrangement, and the entire frameless window can be fully open according to the needs of users, can be all closed, fully retain the balcony should have the characteristics and functions. Frameless windows can be very effective in the wind to cover the rain, partition dust and noise, reasonable structure so that the windows can be opened inward, do not have to poke the body out of the outside to clean the window, cleaning is very safe and simple. Because there is no vertical window frame, close the window when the view is also unobstructed, to maximize the light, close to nature, so that the balcony becomes a full leisure sunshine room.


Traditional balcony package is the use of plastic steel windows or aluminum windows, first added to the frame vertical frame, second, the window fan can not all open, and each home independent packaging, specifications shape is not uniform, affecting the overall beauty. The Frameless window first abandoned people's traditional concept of balcony packaging, guided the balcony as a new concept of the leisure space of modern bedroom home, and put forward the indoor space theory in the interior and outdoors.

Now most ordinary residential households are using non-stainless steel protective windows, Stainless steel protective windows The biggest drawback may be ugly, so many families, especially high-rise households choose frameless windows.


Frameless Window Product Features:

1, frameless window using super aluminum alloy material: wear and corrosion resistance, not easy to deform, after testing the profile in 10 kg of tension without deformation.

2, Frameless window distinctive pneumatic rivets: the use of excessive coordination, its surface chrome treatment, non-corrosive, durable and exquisite.

3, Frameless window using a high starting point stainless steel shaft.

4, Frameless window module type solid shift plastic shaft: high wear-resistant nylon as the raw material for injection molding parts, with high-precision miniature bearings, moving smoothly smooth.