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Balcony Frameless glass Window
Balcony Frameless glass Window

Balcony Frameless glass WindowThe biggest advantage of using in the balcony is that the field of view is more open, because the Balcony frameless glass window unique form, so can all receive the corner, so that it seems that the use of the balcony vent can be maximized. High-rise use of balcony frameless glass windows, can see all the field of vision, unobstructed, in the visual will not appear dead corners, so for the observation of the external scenery is a great advantage. Balcony Frameless glass windows can accept the maximum sunlight, the room will be brighter, even if the rainy weather is also more bright than the glass window, coupled with the high-rise reason, the lighting effect will be very good.


Balcony Frameless glass Window shopping Precautions

1, to consider is whether the force principle of the window fan is reasonable, a single suspension frameless window use time will be deformed, to bring you inconvenient use and unsafe.

2, to consider is the thickness of aluminum, aluminum is to determine the price of doors and windows, the use of quality and long-term use of the key factors, at the same time should pay attention to the composition of aluminum, many low-grade materials in the high content of recycled aluminum, serious quality hazards.

3, to pay attention to the accessories of anti-rust and corrosion resistance, to ensure the material of accessories.

4, Glass must have the national regulations of 3C certification.

5, the market brand reputation is to have a perfect after-sales service of a guarantee.


Balcony Frameless glass Window Different cities prices are not the same, according to a brand frameless window price, generally 600-1200/square meters, owners can choose according to this price, do not plan cheap, balcony frameless glass window seems simple, technical content is very high.