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Professional Invisible Balcony window
Professional Invisible Balcony window

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Recently, many people in the decoration of the balcony, have chosen the most hot professional stealth balcony window, what is a professional invisible balcony window? Professional Stealth Balcony window is it really that good? Don't worry, I'll get to the rest of you.

Professional Stealth Balcony window, is no ordinary aluminum window vertical frame, far look and no windows, so known as balcony invisible window or balcony frameless window. This new type of window uses tempered glass, sturdy and durable, and will not be as fragile and brittle as ordinary glass.

More people praise is the professional stealth balcony window can be based on the needs of the owners, open or closed are OK, is not very convenient?


Professional stealth Balcony window from the appearance and other balconies are distinguished, there is no window frame, so not like other balconies, glass by the window frame divided into lumps, invisible balcony glass integrity is very strong, very good-looking.

Professional Stealth Balcony Window scrub is very convenient, traditional balcony scrub, climb up and down, hand also extend to the window scrub, if is high-rise residential owners, but also ask people to clean windows, their own no professional scrub equipment can not dare to do, the limitations are very large. And this invisible balcony window of each glass can be like a door flat open to the interior, and then folded to the wall side, living in the upper echelons of the owners can also do their own scrub glass, but also can save a large amount of silver!


Professional Stealth Balcony window lighting is 10% higher than the average window, not only that, professional stealth balcony window using tempered glass hollow characteristics can be insulated insulation, the same temperature conditions, professional stealth balcony window insulation effect is more good.

But this professional stealth balcony window Invisible window also has a small shortcoming, is the price comparison is expensive. In addition to this point, professional stealth balcony window is really high value, practical and convenient.