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Stainless Steel Hinge
Stainless Steel Hinge

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Wooden Door Stainless Steel HingeConsisting of a pin connection of two stainless steel blades, the device used for connecting or rotating allows the door, cover or other swinging parts to operate, belonging to a system with a rotating shaft, although the structure is simple but very test of workmanship.


There are many kinds of wooden door stainless steel hinge, mainly divided into ordinary hinge, pipe hinge (also known as spring Hinge), gate hinge, countertop hinge, flip hinge and so on. Stainless steel ordinary hinge is often used in cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc., is also a very wide range of applications, its disadvantage is not to have the function of spring hinge, installation hinge must be loaded with a variety of touching beads, otherwise the wind will blow the door plate.


Wooden door stainless steel hinge Shopping Tips

Hinge is an important part of furniture, which is related to the function and service life of furniture. As consumers, how to buy the hinge category of hardware, in the purchase of hinge when you need to pay attention to what?

Wooden door stainless Steel hinge material is all copper and stainless steel two kinds. Single-piece hinge area standard for 10cmx3cm and 10cmx4cm, the middle axis diameter between 1.1cm to 1.3cm, hinge wall thickness of 2.5mm to 3mm, select the page in order to open easy noiseless, should choose the hinge in the axis containing ball bearings is preferred.