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Kaiping (Guangzhou) Door & Window Co., Ltd. is located in Guangzhou, a beautiful flower city. Kaiping has a modern high-end door and window production center in Guangzhou, and has accumulated rich experience in high-end door and window design and development.

Companies adhering to the "service, quality, innovation" business philosophy, has a large-scale installation design team, the introduction of imported CNC titanium aluminum alloy door and window processing and packaging production line, based in Guangdong radiation nationwide. The brand-opening products centered on the brand value proposition of “light luxury style, 璀璨传承”, leading the trend of light luxury door and window consumption. It has both luxurious style and simple and eternal style. Its excellent quality and design have not changed the fashion color after time. Let doors and windows become the symbol of real estate value-added and inheritance.

The company specializes in frameless balcony windows, professional invisible balcony windows, professional folding balcony windows, professional balcony, professional production and installation of frameless balcony windows and sun room, business based in Guangzhou, radiation Pearl River Delta, all over the major real estate, professional technology, Good after-sales service has been recognized by our customers.

Choosing to open the screen is to choose the value for money, which is to choose unexpected surprises. High-end door and window products, derived from high-quality profiles and accessories, but also have careful design and fine processing. The screen has a number of exclusive patented technologies for the key parts of high-end doors and windows. Its structure is rigorous, the shape is perfect, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. It has passed the high standard test of the national quality and technology testing authority and the performance index is excellent. We have to do the high-end leading the market trend. product. The company is in the forefront of the titanium alloy door and window cavity design, door and window modeling and glass pattern design, hardware engineering stress and durability application development, so that customers have the best consumer experience is our consistent aim.

Choosing to open the screen is to choose peace of mind, that is, to choose sincere service. The company strictly implements the ISO quality management system standards, has established a professional customer information service system, and a precise measurement and installation after-sales service team to meet the customer needs of high-end customer door and window system customization product design and installation. The company's products are fully covered by Ping An Insurance. The standardized enterprise management is the biggest guarantee for your choice of products. The quality of the main framework is guaranteed for 30 years, the quality of imported hardware is guaranteed for 20 years, and the installation of accessories and corresponding projects is carried out according to national standards. The warranty terms are subject to a quality warranty.