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How to choose the right balcony frameless glass window

1. Look at the appearance

Good balcony frameless glass windows all over the gap is compact, glass between the high and low consistent gap uniform, the details are more shrewd, window frame and structure between the quality of sealing material seal, smooth and beautiful appearance, easy and easy to slip, inferior products, rough, uneven, uneven, the knot rough, ugly appearance, waterproof, not smooth feel.

2. See the quality of materials and accessories

A good balcony. Frameless glass window coating delicate luster, good quality, if the use of inferior aluminum and inferior nylon or plastic accessories, using a long on loose deformation, push and pull difficulties, or even fall off, very dangerous.

3, see whether the material through the National 3C compulsory safety certification

Good balcony frameless glass window without frame, so the glass requirements are very high, the original film quality of good steel process in place, so as to ensure that the various indicators of tempered glass to meet the requirements.

4, see whether the manufacturer's technology is excellent

A good balcony. The size and quality, quantity and drilling size of the expansion bolts used in the installation of frameless glass windows must be constructed in strict accordance with the requirements.

5, to see whether after-sales service is perfect and secure

Any product will inevitably have quality problems, so there is no guarantee of after-sales service is you in the selection of frameless windows must be a key factor to consider.

6, look at the manufacturer's construction case

Manufacturers have done engineering examples that are most persuasive, especially the use of the user's experience is more helpful. To identify whether the case is true, there are individual manufacturers using computers to make fake honorary certificates and other deceptive consumers.