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Advantages and disadvantages of frameless glass balcony window and its purchasing skills

Glass balcony windows, usually can be divided into framed glass balcony windows and frameless glass balcony Two, and I would like to say today is frameless glass balcony. The frameless glass balcony is almost fully transparent, so the lighting is good and can also be used in any combination. Generally used in shopping malls, hotels, offices and other places. Because there is no border around the frameless glass balcony, there are some differences between installation and the general frameless glass balcony. Next I would like to give you a brief introduction to the frameless glass balcony related content, is being renovated you may be in use.

First, the advantages and disadvantages of frameless glass Balcony window

Frameless Glass Balcony Window Advantages:

(1) Frameless glass Balcony window, with no space, simple and beautiful, open vision, high lighting rate, the window of the force state is good, not easy to damage and so on.

(2) can freely choose to open windows, vents and other positions, as long as a gentle push, open flexible, with large chunks of glass, you can observe the outdoor environment, which is also a kind of enjoyment.

Frameless Glass Balcony Window Disadvantages:

(1) Frameless glass balcony window ventilation area by a certain limit, can only open a window, two can not open at the same time, compared with the flat door, ventilation area is only half, ventilation will be relatively reduced.

(2) Frameless glass Balcony window, with a strong practicality, can cut off dust and noise, to avoid affecting the user rest, cleaning up is also more convenient, to maximize the increase in light, conducive to increasing the area of housing space.

Frameless glass Balcony Window shopping tips

1. See Frameless glass Balcony window, to consider the force problem in advance, a single hanging frameless glass balcony window, the use of a certain amount of time will occur deformation, to the use of inconvenience, increase unnecessary hidden dangers.

2. If it is the thickness of aluminum, aluminum can determine the price of doors and windows, the quality of use and the use of time, in addition, but also pay attention to the composition of aluminum, many low-grade materials, recycled aluminum content is higher, but there are quality hazards, it is best to buy in large stores, so the quality will be better.

3. In use, if there are metal accessories, easy to rust, need to consider the glass door rust and corrosion resistance, as far as possible to buy more durable materials.

4. Glass must have a state-mandated 3C certification, which can be asked to be presented by the store.

5. If you do not know how to distinguish the quality of frameless glass balcony windows, you can go to the quality assurance of large businesses to buy, they have a relatively perfect after-sales system.