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Frameless folding Glass windows How much frameless folding glass window price

Frameless Folding Glass WindowThe inevitable choice is now a lot of home decoration, then window without frame features, performance price? The following small part of the introduction to everyone.

Frameless Folding Glass Window features

1, there is a good breathability, no frame glass window, because it has no boundaries, usually nothing looks like shadows, so natural breathability is very good.

2, daily hygiene and cleanliness is very convenient, not only save time and energy.

3, for each family, the effect of ventilation is crucial, how to affect the healthy home life. Frameless folding glass windows solve this problem. It can be folded and folded to maintain the normal circulation of air, bringing more fresh air.

4, the manufacture of materials using more high-quality tempered glass large section aluminum alloy, in order to perfect fusion, brought more convenient use, every day can be in the type and open to 90 degrees, the satisfaction of living needs is completely no problem.

5, but frameless folding glass windows also have defects, that is, the noise is very poor, this is a large window without frame of the fatal point. But there are two types, one is folding, there is inevitably cracks, the second is the use of a single tempered glass, soundproofing is not equal to the idea, is not good.

Price of frameless Folding glass windows

Small series use it is no frame glass doors and windows at home, usually use feel good, but tell the truth, if you want to choose better materials, how the price also get thousands of of dollars, but buy a better point, use comfortable, a long time, so as not to buy gray after bad is bad. In any case, it took more than 3,000 to repair the small family.