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Frameless Folding Window installation process and frameless folding window price

Frameless Folding WindowWhat is it? What are the characteristics of frameless folding Windows? What is the installation method of the frameless folding window? What is the price of the frameless folding window?

Frameless Folding Window Installation process

1, Test level, safety bracket, before installation, first to measure the level, with a professional level meter to measure the level, the level generally can not exceed 2mm. After measuring the level, the card with the fixed stainless steel bracket is welded on the steel frame of the balcony, and the spacing between the cards is 500mm. Next is the installation of stainless steel bracket, be sure to install the bracket firmly, otherwise it will directly affect the quality.

2, look at the profile, install the guide rail. First look at the thickness of the guide rail profiles, good profiles are generally in 3mm, because the guide rail to install a fan glass relative to eat more force, so the material thickness to be a lot safer. In the Guide Rail and Guide rail connection to add a few stiffeners, in the use of stainless steel leather bags with rivets riveting, so that the rail connection is more firm, long use time will not loosen. First install the Guide rail put on the bracket, according to the hole on the guide rail point out of the connection hole distance on the bracket. The hole distance is basically around 500mm, which is consistent with the card spacing. Cut out the hole with a gas cutting gun on the bracket, or you can use an impact drill, and the cut hole is best rounded, so it's easier to fix the screws on the upper. Next, start installing the rails, the upper rails and profiles are fixed directly on the balcony, so to punch on the balcony ceiling, the installation method and the lower guide is basically the same. After the installation of the upper and lower rails, began to debug the level of the upper and lower rails, if there is uneven will be leveled, otherwise it will directly affect the use of the window.

3, Debug Windows, on the accessories. Put the window into the Fan window to open the Guide hole will start debugging, debugging to the entire window can be very smooth sliding and opening in the guide rail. Next is the installation of accessories, the first installation of lead bridge, lead Bridge is to ensure the smooth opening of each window, and has a safety lock clasp function, the device is installed next to the opening. The upper and lower safety locks are mainly used to prevent children from opening windows without permission and fixing the role of window sash. The clasp of the lead bridge can be fixed to the size of the window opener, which facilitates ventilation and avoids occurring outside. The fittings are mainly used for window sash all closed to one place, the role of fixed windows, through the adjustment of the sliding rod, you can freely fix a fan to multiple windows. Finally, the installation of transparent inserts, mainly the glass and glass between the gap seal off, to prevent wind and rain into the room, more enhance the closure of the balcony.

Frameless Folding Window Price

Different cities prices are not the same, but like downstairs said more than 100/square, that is definitely not able to use frameless windows, according to the creation of frameless window prices, generally 600-1200/square meters, owners can choose according to this price, do not plan cheap, frameless window seems simple, technical content is very high.