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What is a professional stealth glass window? Introduction to the advantages of professional invisible glass windows

Professional stealth glass windows are also called frameless balcony windows, Professional stealth glass window design so that each window can be moved left and right, and can open 90 degrees by block arrangement, the entire balcony window can be fully opened according to the needs of users, can be all closed, so that the sun fully irradiated into the room, increased the practicality of the balcony, looks elegant, Deeply loved by the vast number of consumers.

In the home decoration, professional stealth glass windows are loved by consumers, professional invisible glass windows without Borders, can make the whole room look more transparent, so that people have a broader view, both to shelter the rain, but also to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Today's small series to introduce you to what is the professional stealth glass window, as well as professional stealth glass window advantages, I hope to be able to help you.

First, what is a professional stealth glass window

Professional stealth glass windows are a balcony window with no vertical frame, and it is not easy to find windows if you look at them from a distance. It is made of an aluminum alloy structure that uses high-strength tempered glass to reconnect large interfaces. The new design can make each window move left and right, the whole balcony can also be fully open, can be all closed, the balcony features and functions of the most vividly displayed, is a modern people will use a balcony door and window decoration.

Ii. Advantages of professional invisible glass windows

1, Professional stealth glass window from the appearance, the whole is a large side of glass, there is no horizontal frame and vertical, will not affect the beauty of the window, and the overall coordination of the House is very good.

2, can do to cover the rain, but also to design the view of the balcony of the original intention, the entire balcony of the glass can be all opened, to achieve a hundred without occlusion open, there is indoor and outdoor, outdoor indoor effect.

3, for high-rise building scrub glass is relatively inconvenient, and professional stealth glass window can be each glass flat open to the interior folding up, so that you can easily scrub the glass, safe and convenient.

4, after experimental testing, the lighting effect of the roof window ordinary windows Ah high 10%, every night to come can be one hours late to turn on the lights, but also can be sold to the night image, adding to the taste of life.

5, some people have done experiments in the summer in Guangdong, in the same environment, the general glass and indoor during the day need to open 10 this air conditioner to cool down, and the indoor with hollow glass only need to open 3 times is enough, insulating glass heat transfer coefficient is 2.5-4 times times smaller than the ordinary disadvantage. Therefore, professional stealth glass windows have the function of thermal insulation.