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Professional frameless glass windows look good and practical

Balcony can be a place for people to relax, but also can be a good place to dry clothes, so the balcony decoration has become the most important part of home furnishings, for some families with children, family Safety in the first place. Usually people in order to prevent the face of the family into thieves, in the balcony in the installation of glass.

However, a kind of professional frameless glass window instead of traditional glass, has become the most popular new type of glass, not only beautiful and practical, but also a wider field of vision, it is very strong to install on the balcony, do not have to worry about quality problems at all.

As the home furnishings more and more fashionable, a lot of color control people will choose, with professional frameless glass windows to decorate the family balcony. Because the traditional glass will carry a metal border, so the glass looks very small, and also not beautiful.

Professional frameless glass windows, although there is no metal border, but the use of 8MM high-density tempered glass, give people a kind of transparent, beautiful, but it seems to be more comfortable than the traditional glass. A whole piece of glass is installed on the balcony, looks very atmospheric, and the light inside the home will be much better.

The main thing is this new type of professional frameless glass window, if you want to open the window, you can also fold and ventilate him, install this glass, there is no fear that the room can not be ventilated. This is the most incredible point, we all know that the glass is fragile, but in this professional frameless glass window selection of high-density glass strength, completely do not realize this.

In addition, the advantages of professional frameless glass windows are very many, no vertical frame, full tempered glass, can be arbitrary rotation, turning, all scattered balcony windows, suitable for all shapes of the balcony. High-strength thickened aluminum alloy material as a sliding track, the product has tensile resistance, strong load-bearing, wear resistance, corrosion-resistant simple and beautiful.

Professional frameless glass windows with extrusion sealing, is other frameless products can not reach the performance, do not have to worry about the rain when the rain will enter the house inside, can also stand in front of the window to enjoy the rain scene, but also can block the noise outside the window and cover the external dust, so clean up very simple and fast, much better than the traditional glass advantages.