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Professional folding Balcony window How to install? Professional folding balcony windows all right?

Balcony and living room connected, the area is relatively large, in order to better lighting and activity effect, some owners will choose to install professional folding balcony windows on the balcony, and professional folding balcony windows How to install? Professional folding balcony windows and owners usually pay attention to the windows are a little different, many owners have not used in the home, Have a professional folding balcony window okay? worry.

Professional folding Balcony window How to install? Professional folding balcony windows all right?

First, professional folding balcony window how to install?

1. Should be installed in front of the brick, can ensure waterproof, but also to avoid the expansion of bolts exposed, the impact of aesthetics. In advance to measure the balcony closed surface size, processing custom-made, and check whether the window and hole size is consistent. Before installation, the window should be removed immediately close to the wall of the base material, punching at the fixed point, preset expansion bolts, in order to secure the form.

2. Window frame and wall due to uniform spacing, with foaming glue layered filling gap, to ensure full and dense. The inner and outer sides of the window frame must be sealed with silicone to prevent seepage. Glue as far as possible with transparent, after drying up to deal with, but they are easy to change color, should not play too much, silicone a penthouses with a set.

3. When assembling glass should be equipped with plastic pad block, with glass inserts or glass glue filled with clinging. Finally, the protective film must be removed after installation.

Second, professional folding balcony windows, okay?

1, folding windows because of its characteristics can be extended to the side, can help solve the problem of insufficient space. Mainly divided into side hanging folding windows and push-pull folding windows two, suitable for each space folding window size is changing with the environment changes

2, folding windows in the cold wind of the winter, into the house shake off a dust, folding windows, with the home light yellow lights, curtains swaying between, there is a warm feeling oh. Also has moisture-proof, insulation ' heat and cold, fire and flame retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation role.

3, inclined roof skylight using the middle spin open way to fold the windows, easy to flow into the room, even in the winter season will not make the cold wind, but gently make the indoor air fresh; easy to skylight switch.

4, Folding Protective window materials and structural design characteristics so that it has the most ideal anti-theft effect, can be used as a home, enterprises and institutions security anti-theft facilities. At the same time, the perfect protection function, can be built-in installation and interior decoration harmonious harmony, beautiful shape, no impact on lighting, ventilation and viewing, in line with the requirements of modern decoration and property management. Avoid accidents involving old people, children and patients, and avoid accidental accidents in tall buildings. Open closure is convenient, in line with fire escape requirements.

Professional folding Balcony window How to install? Even if you know the steps of Professional folding balcony window installation, the owner does not need to install it himself, nor can he complete the work of professional folding balcony window installation. Professional folding balcony Windows okay? It is not suitable for all the windows of the home, the home balcony is relatively small do not choose to fold the windows.