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Professional Stealth Balcony window security, professional stealth balcony window how much a square of money

Install balcony window Many people will feel the impact of the view, but do not install unsafe, the use of professional stealth balcony windows can solve these problems, professional stealth balcony window is the best choice. So Professional Stealth Balcony window window How much a square?

Professional Invisible Balcony windowIs it safe?

1) Advantages of Professional stealth balcony window

1. Professional Stealth Balcony window steel wire is very fine, when used will not affect the view of the city, affect the line of sight, the use of professional stealth balcony windows have a good aesthetic, fashion effect. And professional stealth balcony window occupies a small area, can make full use of the effective space of the balcony.

2. Professional Stealth Balcony window although fine, but will not affect the protection effect, installed on the balcony can effectively protect, prevent the balcony items are blown downstairs by the wind, but also to protect the home in the balcony, window play by the children.

2) Professional stealth balcony window disadvantages

Professional Stealth Balcony Window Although said also has a very good protective effect, and beautiful effect is very good, but professional stealth balcony window steel wire is relatively thin, will soon be able to cut steel wire, in safety, is not comparable to the traditional stainless steel protective window. In addition, professional stealth balcony windows if installed in a lower place, you can choose, but if it is installed in the higher, and is on the ground installation, it is necessary to consider.

3) Determine the quality of professional stealth balcony windows

1. Select Professional Stealth Balcony window, first of all to see the Professional Stealth balcony window double certification, that is, professional stealth balcony window is the Buddha has achieved public security, quality inspection of the double inspection, access to "technical and anti-product sales license" and "Product quality inspection certificate."

2. Professional Stealth Balcony window production process is also very important, look at the Professional stealth balcony window anti-theft core materials, as well as professional stealth balcony window parts, the key is to see roller skating, locks and hardware materials.

3. In the purchase of Professional stealth balcony window, professional stealth balcony window after-sales service is also very important, the seller to the Professional Stealth balcony window quality has a certain guarantee.

4. At the time of purchase, you can use the destruction tool to pry open the Professional stealth balcony window, see how the protection effect, generally can meet the national standards: not less than 15 minutes! Stainless steel Anti-theft window to use more than or equal to 12 mm solid rebar to do core anti

5. Professional Stealth Balcony window in the installation, to use more than or equal to 12 mm of solid threaded steel, that is, we often hear the hemp steel, this screw rebar hardness, processing difficulties, can not bend radians and so on. At the time of installation, every 50cm to be fixed to the wall with iron expansion screws, be careful not to have omissions, in order to improve adhesion. Of course, the Professional Stealth balcony window grid is the denser the better.

6. Professional Stealth Balcony window when installed, fixed iron expansion screws per window not less than 10 pieces. Screw construction is also very important, professional stealth balcony window screws must be screwed in the inside of the wall, after installation is best to carry out spot welding, in order to improve the difficulty of removable.

Professional Invisible Balcony Window window How much is a square

Professional stealth Balcony windows are to install the installation of square meters to calculate, before installing Professional Stealth Balcony Window window, to use a ruler to measure the size of the family window, and then according to this to buy Professional stealth balcony window window, calculate installation costs, labor costs and so on. Different regions, brands of Professional Stealth balcony window window prices are different, generally close to the Professional Stealth Balcony window window price is in 70~80 yuan/square, Medium Professional Stealth Balcony window window almost in 100~200 yuan/square, good quality professional stealth balcony window window price is almost 300~400 yuan/square. Professional Stealth Balcony Window window is a safety protection at home, it is best to choose a good quality professional invisible balcony window window.