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8 common problems with professional sealing balcony

In the decoration process, professional seal balcony This step is a lot of owners will pay attention to the problem, in addition to the price is the owner's concern of a problem, there is a construction or installation design process encountered problems, today's small specially consulted an industry professionals summed up, professional seal balcony Common 8 problems.

The insider said that professional seal balcony is not so complicated, remember the following 8 points

1, professional seal balcony decoration, because the window removal process will destroy the indoor exterior wall, it is best to change the doors and windows first, and then the next step of decoration. Which brand profile should the owner clearly choose? Profile products will determine the entire door and window grade, sealing and aging and other issues, buyers should not be in the market "cheap plastic steel doors and windows" fuzzy concept blinded.

2, professional seal balcony to buy, must go to the regular building materials market, roadside stalls its processing equipment is simple, accuracy and strength can not be guaranteed. In particular, plastic steel doors and windows, they do plastic steel doors and windows lined with poor quality, or even no lining steel, other accessories are also very poor.

3, Plastic steel doors and windows of the appearance of color should be green and white. Color is too white or gray, indicating that its material within the stability of the composition is not enough, long-term easy aging and yellowing.

4, check whether the hardware is flexible, smooth.

5, Push and pull window window frame should be aluminum slide, convenient for its replacement.

6, flat window sealing strip should be free to replace, because the sealing bar than the life of the form is shorter.

7, Push and pull window window sash in the middle of the sealed wool should be fixed plate, which is the key to the quality of the sliding window sealing

8, professional seal balcony in the installation process, should supervise the horizontal direction of doors and windows and vertical direction correction. The use of foaming glue between the window frame and the wall is filled, and the inside and outside of the window frame must be sealed with silicone copper glue or sealant to prevent seepage. After installation, the protective film must be removed, otherwise the service life of the doors and windows will be reduced.