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Open-Open folding window beautiful like a landscape room

In modern home, open-open folding windows tend to have unexpected decorative effects, any home style can find with the full open folding window.

From the door and window market to understand that the modern family used in the open-top folding window The main advantages are: Elegant, novel style, variety of colors, easy to use, push and pull freely, effectively save the door occupied space.

Full open folding windows are mostly made of lighter new materials, in the insulation and cold heat, moisture, fire and flame retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance and other aspects have a good performance, so aluminum alloy folding is particularly suitable as a modern bathroom door and kitchen door, balcony door.

And in the commercial aspect, the open folding window is more widely used, especially the electric folding doors and windows, its automatic telescopic opening, beautiful, stylish shape is very popular.

Full Open folding window general size

In the actual application, the full open folding window size changes with the environment, in addition to the height of the change is very small, the number of door fans, door width and other dimensions are not clear.

Folding doors and windows have few finished products on the market, mostly in a customized way. However, in the "residential space interior design of the conventional size" is introduced, the current interior decoration design, the conventional open-open folding window size for the width: 450-600mm, Height: 1900-2400mm.

Open folding windows are almost completely different from ordinary indoor doors, so they are more careful in the process of use than ordinary use, and full-open folding window maintenance is also carried out on a regular basis. About the advantages of open-open folding windows and open-open folding window general size introduction and other information, Le Ji Rabbit introduced here, I hope to help you.

Because of the fear of living at the top will be more dust, sealed the balcony. But when I lived in, I saw the neighbor's home furnishings a very handsome open folding window, only spent 3000 bucks, really the first time to see the balcony can be beautiful like this ah, just like the landscape room, to tell the truth I regret, I knew I also like him to pretend.

No matter what shape the balcony is, all-open folding windows will fit together, plus it is full tempered glass and no vertical frame, can turn and turn at will. Fully open folding window lighting is good. After experimental test, the lighting effect of inclined roof window is more than 10% higher than that of ordinary window. It can be an hour late to turn on the lights every day. At the same time can enjoy the night horoscope, add fun.

The glass on both sides of the frameless folding window is easy to clean because it can be folded into the room, plus its seals can also be removed and cleaned. Wide view, because the frameless folding window is an all-open frameless connection, giving people an unobstructed visual effect, wide field of vision, very suitable for viewing.

Frameless Folding Window This new type of window is made by high strength tempered glass and corresponding hardware fittings connected with large section aluminum alloy structure. The glass window fans are arranged in turn to close the balcony; at the same time, the window sash can move left and right, and can open inward, folding, the balcony is like no seal.