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Fully open Balcony features advantages

Fully open Balcony windowIt has many advantages, such as reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, flexible opening and good sealing performance, and has become one of the ideal products for packaging balcony and construction window. The full open balcony window has changed the traditional concept of old-fashioned windows and become a symbol of the high taste of modern cities.

Fully open Balcony window using international high-strength ultra-thick aluminum alloy profiles, white anticorrosive paint surface. All metal main components, wear-resistant nylon and high-strength 6mm/8mm tempered glass accessories, fully open balcony Windows scientific and reasonable material and structural design, with anti-wind and shockproof functions. Therefore, the two windows with full open cards have the incomparable robustness and aesthetics of traditional windows.

Full open balcony window two windows equipped with side blocking tight device, as long as the lock gently turn, you can lock each window firmly or turn on, play the role of anti-theft and opening.

Full open balcony window any shape of the window can be left and right at will move, turn. Stacked together in an area where they are not occupied, so that they can move in and out, for the purpose of opening up. This function for cleaning glass windows, sunbathing clothes, bedding play a safe and convenient role, but also to the room to increase air flow and lighting, and do not damage the overall image of the balcony.

Full open balcony window windproof bolts can be opened window sash buckle, not only to prevent climate mutations caused by window sash damage and can adjust the size of air circulation.

Full open balcony window cover is the guide rail and fold import and export decorations, but also window sash Plug and handle, played a convenient opening window, locking firm, beautiful appearance.

Full open balcony window suitable for residential, villas, schools, office buildings and other building windows. Full open balcony window of the wide applicability and high-tech quality and taste is the pursuit and yearning of modern urban people.