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Installation method of professional wooden door lock body

How about the installation method of professional wooden door lock body? Professional wooden door lock body installation more than Western medicine know its decoration method, but also know its professional wooden door lock material. Below let small to teach you how to install professional wooden door lock body and how to buy professional wood door lock material.

Installation steps for professional wooden door locks:

First, determine the direction of opening the door. The general door has 4 open, respectively, left, Zonne, right and right outside. Confirm the direction of the door before installation to avoid loading and other conditions.

Second, adjust the positive and negative position of the oblique tongue according to the direction of opening.

Some products have the function of left and right commutator, the class according to the following steps to change the direction of oblique tongue, and then the internal and external wrench group alignment, you can shift.

1, the lock body upside down, so that the oblique tongue positioning piece away.

2, easy to push the oblique tongue into the space position, choose to turn 180 degrees release, restore is to change direction.

Pick high quality professional wooden door lock body:

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of material door locks on the market, choose Green, environmentally friendly products to ensure the health of family life.

1, space aluminum-easy to process molding; low development costs; soft texture, easy deformation; low strength, poor impact resistance; cold and cold, monotonous, easy to oxidize, short life; monotonous and simple style, low value of the material itself, poor fire function.

2, zinc alloy-Easy casting processing, low development costs; many styles, surface color, low strength, poor impact resistance, poor anti-rust ability, internal materials prone to oxidation, spots; brittle and loose, not drilling, anti-pry, anti-sawing, material itself low value, not resistant to low temperature, poor fire function.

3, stainless steel-strong corrosion resistance, high strength, fire, anti-drilling, anti-pry, anti-sawing, anti-impact, long service life, uniform texture, good density, no stomata, sand eyes, bright and uniform color, delicate, green environmental protection, complex production process, high development costs.

Professional wooden door lock material to be combined with the installation of professional wooden door lock body, in order to match a sturdy door, material poor installation is no better. The material is not good to install well. So the combination of material and installation program is indispensable.

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