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Full open balcony window to pursue the new choice of bedroom taste

Fully open Balcony windowThe use of high-fidelity tempered glass, the corresponding hardware accessories combined with large cross-section aluminum alloy structure, fully open balcony window design, so that each window can be moved left and right, but also 90 degrees open blocks by block arrangement, and the entire full opening balcony window can be fully opened according Full open balcony window can be very effective to the wind to cover the rain, partition dust and noise, reasonable structure so that the window can be opened inward, do not have to probe out the outside to clean the window, cleaning is very safe and simple.

For the pursuit of bedroom taste, beautiful people, full open balcony window is undoubtedly the best choice, if installed in the balcony can become a family view, friends Leisure corner. Full open balcony window is best installed in the area of the large room, especially the area of the balcony,

Full open balcony window security? What are the advantages of full-open balcony windows

Full open balcony window security. Full-open balcony windows have the following advantages: Easy to clean: Modern open balcony windows of each piece of glass can be opened, easy to clean safely. Safety anti-theft: Modern full open balcony window using high-strength aluminum alloy structure, tempered glass and corresponding accessories, its scientific and reasonable material and structural design, can resist Typhoon level 12 or above the glass used in the balcony window is specially tempered treatment, put it on the two a meter apart on the board, the above station two people, Glass produces a lot of bending, and it doesn't.

1, full open balcony window seems to be fully open in fact there is a box, its frame in the upper and lower ends of the glass. Compared to the frame window, the glass of the open window is riveted to the aluminum alloy profile with pneumatic rivets, and the general frame window is simply embedded in the glass beam and then simply hit a layer of colloid to complete. 2, and the formal full open balcony window glass with 3C certified high-quality tempered glass, tempered glass has the advantages of impact resistance, friction resistance, even if the crushing is also granular scattered, will not appear sharp edges and corners, will be the damage to the human body to minimize.