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Learn these tips to install professional wooden door lock skills, their own easy to handle the home door lock!

Doors are items that must be installed in every household because they protect the privacy of the home well. Rural home installation of most of the doors are wooden doors, but rural friends also like to decorate their own home, in the installation of professional wooden door locks when some friends are not how, in order to let more friends themselves can install their own door locks, small knitting specially to you to arrange some installation of professional wooden door lock body skills, I hope to help you.

First, professional wooden door lock installation Skills

1, to be in the wooden door above the paint after the installation of the lock, this is because some paint will be corrosive to the surface of the lock, before starting to install the lock, the direction of the switch door and the direction of the lock to adjust, but also to adjust the height of the lock. Then follow the steps on the instructions, and prepare the appropriate tools.

2. According to the position of the lock, open the hole above the door. First, the exact location of the lock must be determined, and then the lock will be placed on top of the door, reserved for the need to open the hole position.

3, the lock installed into the open hole, after correction, with screws to fix it, and then install the screw on the surface of the lock, used to connect the lock handle, and finally the other parts of the surface in accordance with the instructions on the installation.

4, all installed, to the inside and outside the handle of all rotation test, to see if the rotation is not smooth, oblique tongue can not be retracted and ejected, and then try the inside handle under the second lock of the handle, to see the tongue can not be smooth enough to retract and eject, and then try the key control of the smooth.

5, if there is an inappropriate place, need to loosen the screws, and then make adjustments, more tests a few times, to be debugged until easy to use can.

Second, the purchase of professional wooden door lock what are the skills

1, look at the standard of locks, regardless of brand-name products or ordinary products, are a certain standard, if it is imported from abroad locks, in the standard top is also relatively high, the relative quality will be better, in fact, there are many brands in the country can meet the international standards, but there are many brands are still only domestic standards, So in the purchase time should pay attention to look at the standard of the lock.

2, in looking at the standard, you can also use the hand to try the texture of the lock, this feeling can be judged out of the lock of good or bad, if the hand touch on the feeling is relatively heavy, then the production of this lock and materials are better, and feel particularly light of the kind, is not very good, in the material and production are relatively poor, So in the purchase, you can try the feel of the lock.

3, can also be selected according to the material, the general manufacture of locks in two kinds of materials, one is stainless steel, the other is copper, the two materials made by the lock is very strong, but also more safe, if not the two materials, then do not buy. Compared with these two materials, stainless steel should be better, but the price is also higher.