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Frameless balcony window What kind of? Is your home suitable for installation?

More and more consumers in modern home furnishings are beginning to focus on the decoration of the balcony, because the balcony is one of the domestic and external connections.

Decorate the balcony we are equal to in the home more relaxed world, we can enjoy the vision, can grow flowers and grass, and even exercise, but the balcony should pay attention to the safety problem.

Now, many people do not have a balcony in the home, want to transform the balcony into a frameless balcony window, the effect is comparable to the Sunshine Room ~

What is a frameless balcony?

Frameless Balcony window made of high strength tempered glass, the corresponding hardware fittings combined with large section aluminum alloy structure made. Because of the brand, material, size and other factors, the price of frameless balcony window is not the same, its design can not only make each window left and right, but also 90 degrees open, the most important thing is also according to personal preferences fully open, or all closed, very versatile.

It also retains the characteristics and functions of the balcony itself, can effectively wind and shade rain, partition dust and noise, reasonable structure so that the window can be opened inward, no longer need to wipe the glass headache, cleaning is very safe and simple. The lighting is very good.

But frameless windowsill can also have drawbacks:

Each piece of glass needs to be opened by a specified process port, and the front piece of the middle window must be opened before opening it. It is non-linear installation is more difficult, high cost.

Applicable balcony: "One" glyph, "L" type, arc shape, alien, all kinds of shapes are fully covered.

Frameless balcony windows have eight main features:

1, Frameless Balcony window is the use of aluminum profiles all the use of international common door and window profiles 6063T5, the weight is relatively light but high strength, strong impact resistance.

2, frameless Windows accessories axis using 304 stainless steel material, enhance the bearing capacity of the glass, can load 2.6m height, 1.0m wide floor-to-ceiling glass. (Ordinary frameless Balcony window can only carry 2.2 meters height, 0.5 meters wide floor-to-ceiling glass)

3, Frameless balcony window pulley using carbon steel bearings and POM manufacturing, high hardness, friction resistance, aging resistance. Can withstand hundreds of thousands of times back and forth push and pull.

4. It is a four-wheel force per piece of glass, a three-storey main wheel, and a two-storey design of the secondary wheel. No lead bridge, the force pulley even after how many Liangkou will not appear to beat. Very smooth.

5, it uses a unique upper and lower beam built-in anti-collision glue strip design, to a greater extent to solve the muffler problem, anti-collision glue strip raw materials using EPDM, up to 20 weather resistance.

6, Special heaven and Earth lock design, single hand can complete the switch, easy to operate, long-term durability.

7, three in one can adjust the double-sided force clamping edge, easy to adjust, can be applied to 6-10 mm thickness glass. Glass can be force on both sides, rugged and durable.

8, Hidden rivet design, added clamp plastic safety envelope, beautiful and luxurious appearance.

How do I buy a frameless balcony window?

1, look at aluminum:First of all to see its aluminum is not high-strength aluminum alloy, heavy can reach 3mm thickness? Do not choose into manufacturers of high-imitation frameless glass.

2, look at the glass:Second, see if the glass has after the national mandatory 3C safety certification of special tempered glass.

3, look at rivets:Frameless balcony windows are mainly composed of glass and aluminum alloy, while glass and aluminum alloy are connected by rivets.

4, look at the workmanship and accessories:Also depends on the gap between the profile and accessories is not compact, sliding smooth or not, sliding smooth related to the lubrication of the wheel and the wear resistance of the wheel is good. Also depends on the window fan sliding when there is a large noise, push and pull is not good to use.

5, look at the design, installation, after-sale:Frameless windowsill Cost is high, although the quality is very good, but frameless balcony window is also the need to maintain the product, manufacturers after-sales protection appears to be particularly important.