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Frameless balcony Window Okay, no frame balcony window price how many yuan

Now decorate a lot of owners are valued balcony decoration, because the balcony is one of the connection between home and the outside world, decorate the balcony we are equal to some small garden in the home, but the balcony is also more important to pay attention to the security issues, so more and more people choose Frameless Balcony window, thatFrameless Balcony WindowOkay, frameless balcony window How much is the price? The small compilation of some relevant information for you to understand:

What is a frameless balcony

Frameless balcony using high-protection tempered glass, the corresponding hardware accessories combined with large cross-section aluminum alloy structure, its design, so that each window can be moved left and right, but also 90 ' open block arrangement, and the entire balcony window can be fully opened according to the needs of users, can be all closed, fully retain the balcony should have the characteristics and functions. It can be very effective in the wind to cover the rain, partition dust and noise, reasonable structure so that the window can be opened inward, do not have to poke the body out of the outside to clean the window, cleaning is very safe and simple. Because there is no vertical window frame, close the window when the view is also unobstructed, to maximize the light, close to nature, so that the balcony becomes a full leisure sunshine room.

No frame balcony window, okay?

1, single Open frameless balcony window

"Principle" a piece of glass of glass pushed to the side of the balcony, in the rotation open.

"Advantages" open, 100% free balcony space, standing indoors can be very easy to clean the sides of the glass, a single piece of glass can be 90 degrees corner.

"Disadvantages" each piece of glass needs to be opened through a specified process port, and before opening the middle window fan, the front piece of it must be opened.

2. Double Linkage Frameless Balcony window

"Principle" each of the two pieces of glass has a hinge, two pieces together to the sides of the balcony, and rotate open.

"Advantages" open, 100% free balcony space, any position two pieces of glass can be opened independently, connected two pieces of glass can be 90 degrees corner.

"Disadvantages" Outdoor glass is not easy to clean.

3, push and pull frameless balcony window

"Principle" two-track, three-track, four-track push-pull structure Frameless window, many pieces of glass can overlap to the sides of the balcony, but can not rotate open.

"Advantages" the maximum opening areas of two-track, three-track and four-track are 50%, 60% and 75%, respectively.

"Disadvantages" cannot be fully opened; Outdoor glass is not easy to clean; and the safety factor is lower than the upper two.

Frameless Balcony Window Price

Frameless Balcony Window Price market is changeable, due to the nuances of different materials, or pattern brand, material, size, quality and other factors, the price is also thousands of changes, from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan per square meter. Generally speaking, frameless balcony window will choose a better material, the price in 100-1000 yuan/square meter fluctuation, and large office space and public areas will use better frameless balcony window, the price is often around thousands of yuan/square meters.