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Advantages of open-open folding window and optional instructions

Fully Open Folding windowLook outside the temperament stunning, inner elegance and comfort. Below to introduce you to open folding window advantages and purchase instructions.

Advantages of open-open folding windows

1, full tempered glass with no vertical frame, you can turn at will, turn, all open balcony windows, all kinds of shapes balcony are suitable.

2, sliding track using high-strength, thickened aluminum alloy materials, strong tensile strength, good gravity, wear resistance.

3, all frameless, sunlight can maximize penetration.

4, glass can be folded into the room, both sides can have their own cleaning, sealing strip can also removable cleaning.

Open-Open folding window shopping instructions

1, to professional building materials city to buy, do not go to the door of the small doors and windows shop to buy, this kind of shop may half off, after-sales insecure.

2, do not but look at the glass a square how much money, to calculate the accessories, labor costs.

Installation of open-open folding windows We need to take into account its materials, materials are open folding window construction price of an important part, there is a large number of materials on the market can be used as open folding window construction materials, that open folding window materials are what?

Now the market is very popular a full open folding window material, plastic steel doors and windows, it is currently very popular a material, although it has the trend of being replaced by other materials, but still has the market advantage, its most typical feature is low price, so if the owner's hands are more limited funds, the economic situation is not very generous, However, there is a need for a full-open folding window business delegate.

There is a relatively high market universality, basically in the full Open folding window material Sales platform can be easily bought, because its price is relatively low, more common, so its technology is also relatively fast, has been a very mature material, in the market you can easily buy the materials you need. However, the shortcomings of this open-open folding window material are more prominent, because it uses the raw materials directly limit its performance, not the production process of the problem, but the limitations of the material itself, it has a short service life, easy to aging, discoloration.

If you take into account the durability of the open-open folding window material is not recommended, if it is to meet the needs of the current, after the economic well-being refurbished, you can also choose temporarily. Its price is usually 600 to 1400 yuan per square meter, the gap between the brand materials is relatively large, we need to choose according to their specific economic situation.