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Professional Invisible Balcony window all right, professional stealth balcony window what's the characteristics

Professional stealth Balcony windows in recent years is very popular, many owners want to seal the balcony, do not like the window with the frame feel that it will hinder the view. Choosing a professional stealth balcony window with a permeable effect will indeed give a sense of fashion atmosphere. Professional stealth balcony windows are mainly composed of glass, there is no metal border, glass will use high-strength tempered glass, the use of professional hardware accessories connection, glass windows can be folded, but professional stealth balcony Windows good, the following talk about its characteristics.

1, Professional stealth balcony window will give the balcony a very transparent visual experience, people can fully enjoy the sun in the balcony, enjoy the indoor scenery. The balcony has a much better illumination than the traditional framed windows. The windows are completely glass. No frame body does not affect the aesthetics of the appearance of the imploded causing.

2, Frameless balcony window can be folded, open up the indoor visual space effect. Professional stealth Balcony Windows can also play the role of shelter from the rain, but also easy to create a view of the balcony. Can be folded this way is particularly good, in the cleaning of Windows is very convenient, because the glass windows can be folded, we can easily clean the glass indoors, so that the glass windows have been kept clear and thorough visual effects.

3, frameless balcony windows can be folded, can also be closed. Easy to do can replace the indoor air, when opened can create an open balcony effect. The balcony, which is connected indoors and outside, can be closed or opened as needed.

4, Professional stealth balcony window glass sealing effect is not good, so the balcony floor is best not to choose floor decoration, otherwise easy to be affected by outdoor wind and rain and reduce service life. Because the effect of sealing results lead to professional stealth balcony windows insulation effect is not good, can not do indoor winter warm summer cool. In cities with more dust, poor seals can also cause outdoor dust to enter the room easily during windy weather.

5, Frameless balcony window anti-wind effect is not good, windows are easy to blow bad. If you choose this kind of window when you choose the production of small manufacturers without quality assurance, the quality of glass will be very poor. It is also very bad for a broken glass to fall downstairs and hit pedestrians, which can cause unexpected trouble to the owners. If there are old people or children in the home more attention, usually the window closure is also a transparent effect, in case one day the window is completely open, the family is still closed, very prone to the danger of a crash.

6, Frameless Balcony window has the function of folding, but in the use of the process is quite inconvenient. If you want to open a specified piece of glass requires the specified process to complete, for example, if you want to open a window sash in the middle, you must first open the front piece, very inconvenient. Frameless Balcony window installation is also very difficult, may not be able to achieve the final effect the owner wants.

Professional stealth balcony windows have its attractive advantages, but also the use of the process will cause dangerous hazards. Read the above introduction of the Professional stealth balcony window features, I hope you can choose according to their own needs, choose this kind of window must choose the quality of the large brand of the window.