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What are the advantages and disadvantages of professional professional frameless glass windows?

Now popular fashion, many people will be on the balcony installed professional frameless glass windows, the indoor and outdoor air isolated. Today's professional frameless glass windows can be seen everywhere, many friends in the choice of professional frameless glass windows will be hesitant. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of professional frameless glass windows? Professional frameless glass windows how to buy it? Let me introduce you to each of you.

Advantages of professional Frameless glass windows

1, Professional frameless glass windows, give people the first impression is good permeability, mainly because this kind of glass window does not have a vertical border, so far from looking at the past like no windows, the slightest will not block the view, so permeability is worthy of everyone's affirmation.

2, in addition, professional frameless glass windows also have a great advantage, that is, good cleaning. Because this kind of glass window can be folded, so people in the cleaning, standing indoors can be easily scrubbed clean. For housewives, it is very time-saving.

3, for the family, indoor ventilation effect is very important. However, the birth of professional frameless glass windows is a good solution to this difficult problem. Because this kind of glass window can be folded, so the air circulation is good, at the same time helps to keep the indoor air fresh.

4, we all know that the professional frameless glass windows are selected are high-quality tempered glass, coupled with the perfect fusion of large section aluminum alloy, so that each window can be left and right, but also can be opened, while the entire balcony window can meet the full open or closed needs of users, thus retaining the balcony should function.

Disadvantages of professional Frameless glass windows

1, poor soundproofing is the fatal point of professional frameless glass windows. There are two main reasons, one is because the glass to fold, so there is an inevitable gap, and second, because it uses a single layer of tempered glass, so the sound insulation performance is poor.

2, another drawback is that the screen is not easy to install. Since the screen is borderless, once you install the screen, you lose its original meaning. If you do not choose to install screens, you will be perfectly unable to resist mosquito intrusion.

How to buy professional frameless glass windows

First, look at the appearance

Generally speaking, a high-quality professional frameless glass window, the gap between the branches should be compact, and the height of the glass should be the same. In addition, the window frame inside and outside are made of high-quality sealing materials, beautiful appearance, window-sash glass easy to slip. If it is a shoddy product, the appearance of the first feeling is rough, and there is uneven glass, knot rough, ugly appearance, not smooth feel and so on.

Second, look at the quality of materials and accessories

Professional frameless glass windows, the use of imported powder spraying, and coating delicate. When you buy, we must pay attention to the quality of aluminum. Today, the market on the wool is mostly nylon products, wear resistance and anti-aging properties are very good. Some manufacturers in order to win the market, blindly reduce costs, and the use of inferior aluminum and plastic accessories, which leads to the use of a period of time will be deformed, or even fall off, we choose to pay attention to.