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What is a professional folding balcony window? Introduction to the advantages of professional folding balcony windows

Professional folding balcony windows are installed on the balcony above a special window, one aspect, may be the product is also used glass and aluminum alloy steel materials, another aspect, this folding balcony installation later if the opening can be done by folding, not affect the light and ventilation effect, but also make the field of vision more open , Interested consumer friends on the reference below to understand it, we explain to you about the characteristics of professional folding balcony windows and the purchase and installation process of the precautions.

First, what is a professional folding balcony window

Professional folding balcony windows are born in the face of crowded room area, professional folding balcony windows look and ordinary windows are no difference, the appearance of the same form, many small size balcony is unable to stretch open windows, and this kind of folding form of windows can be very good to solve this problem, such Windows installed a hinge telescopic mechanism, To make the windows as far away as possible, so that we can follow it together to stretch out the window to look up at the sky, so as to bring more sunshine and light pursuit to the balcony and bedroom.

Professional folding Balcony window can be very good to the balcony zoning function, but also to carry out targeted measurement and design, so that the whole window is more practical, professional folding balcony window can let the window into a wavy half open, can also be fully opened, in short, just want to open how much can open how much. Effectively broke the limitations of the traditional starting mode and looked more beautiful.

Second, the advantages of professional folding balcony windows

1. Professional folding balcony windows because of their characteristics can go to the side, to a large extent to solve the problem of insufficient space. Mainly divided into side hanging professional folding balcony window and push-pull professional folding balcony window two, suitable for each space professional folding balcony window size is changing with the environment changes

2. Professional folding Balcony window also has the role of heat insulation, moisture, fire and flame retardant, noise reduction and sound insulation. In the cold wind of winter, into the house to shake off the dust, the professional folding balcony window, with the home light yellow lights, curtains swaying between, there is a warm feeling oh.

3. Inclined roof skylight using the medium spin opening mode of professional folding balcony windows, easy to airflow maneuver into the room, even in the winter season will not make the cold wind, but gently make the indoor air fresh; easy to skylight switch.

4. Folding Protective window material and structural design characteristics so that it has the most ideal anti-theft effect, can be used as a home, enterprises and institutions security anti-theft facilities. At the same time, the perfect protection function, to avoid children, the elderly, patients crash accidents, to avoid the high-rise pendant injury accident occurred. Open closure is convenient, in line with fire escape requirements. Can be built-in installation and interior decoration harmonious harmony, beautiful shape, no impact on lighting, ventilation and viewing, in line with the requirements of modern decoration and property management.

The above recommendations are about the characteristics of professional folding balcony windows and the purchase process of attention, so you can know that the first words and other products open windows and push and pull windows are not quite the same, this product opening and closing is more convenient, will not affect the lighting effect and vision, Installed in the balcony inside the words can achieve beautiful and practical two factors combined with the effect. In addition, professional folding balcony Windows can choose the material and size is also more, specific can be learned through the following.