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Frameless Glass Balcony Beautiful and practical

More and more people are usingFrameless Glass Balcony, Beautiful and practical, after reading too envious

Such a lot of friends decorate their own house when, will encounter such a problem, this should not encapsulate the balcony? No matter what people ask, can not get a definitive answer, because the seal has its own advantages and disadvantages, but now the latest packaging materials are available, can completely solve the friends on the sealing balcony on the consideration, this is the frameless glass sealed balcony, this method to seal the balcony, the effect is very beautiful.

Said frameless Glass sealed balcony, perhaps many people will have some doubts, what is the frameless glass seal balcony? In fact, very simple, as the name implies, the glass around no longer install metal, or wooden border, so it does not sound particularly incredible, the following I will take you to understand.

Frameless Glass seal Balcony is different from traditional glass, frameless glass, its essence is a tempered glass, its around can be used as a border fixed treatment, although the mesh, but compared to the traditional border, is still very inconspicuous.

So now there are a lot of people in the decoration of the choice of frameless glass sealed balcony, its decoration is also very beautiful, we can be through a number of frameless glass sealed balcony combination to become a form, it installed on our balcony, the effect can be said to be very significant, you no matter in the field of vision or lighting have a very strong promotion, At the same time, from the outside, compared to the traditional glass windows in the aesthetic degree of ascension is not little bit.

Not only that, it is more convenient that we can also fold up this frameless glass window when we do not normally use it, so that the design can be said to explode the design of traditional glass windows, which is not the advantage of traditional glass windows.

Since we look at the results, in this frameless glass window sealed balcony installation, its use of rivets directly fixed on the beam, so that compared to the traditional framed glass windows, the need for glass glue bonding way, stability also has a certain improvement.

In addition, in our daily life, if you want to clean it, it is also a lot of convenience.

In fact, from the appearance, this frameless glass window sealed balcony brought about by the atmosphere and aesthetics is traditional, decoration methods can not be compared.

With so many advantages, we also talk about the shortcomings of the past window, because there is no edge design, so the insulation and soundproofing may not be as good as the traditional practice, and in the case of adverse weather conditions, the effect may not be the same as the traditional practice, especially windy and rainy weather.

In addition, the installation requirements are also relatively high, installation system Frameless Glass seal Balcony window must choose some comparison, formal professional company to carry out installation, otherwise there will be any safety problems are not worth it.

Finally, if the family live on the floor than the lower friends, in fact, you can consider frameless glass sealed balcony windows, because originally, because of the low floor problems, lighting and so on are not particularly good, and frameless glass sealed balcony windows can make up for some of these shortcomings to a certain extent.