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Balcony with frameless folded glass windows for both beauty and safety

Home decoration is really a headache of a thing, every project needs their own hands, but, for the dream of the home, it is worth it

The preface seems to be a bit much, this post mainly still want to know how we deal with the balcony ~

In the weekend home life, the balcony is a good place to relax in the afternoon, today, many owners like to install windows in the balcony, but many owners in the balcony windows often do not care, think the balcony window decoration as long as can cover the rain can be!

Most people will do anti-theft net seal on it, see too many such cases, feel that this is not very beautiful ah, I want to do more beautiful and safe, this is not on the Internet to understand the frameless folding window ~

Frameless folding glass windows so that each window can be moved left and right, the entire balcony window can be fully opened according to the needs of users, but also all closed, fully retain the balcony should have the characteristics and functions. Frameless folding glass windows can be very effective in the wind to cover the rain, partition dust and noise, reasonable structure so that the windows can be opened inward, do not have to poke the body out of the outside to clean the window, cleaning is very safe and simple.