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Folding windows are more practical and look more beautiful

Now, a lot of things are advanced. In addition to ordinary windows, there is also a folding type on the market. That is, it's easy to fold back and forth. Some people buy this window later, but it is not clear how to install folding windows in the selectionBalcony fold-out windowsDo not know what the role is.

Should be installed before paving, to ensure waterproof, but also to avoid expansion bolts exposed, the impact of aesthetics. We must measure the size of the balcony enclosure in advance, process and customize it, and check that the window size is the same as the opening size. Before installation, the windowsill substrate near the wall should be removed, the hole should be opened at the fixed point, and the expansion bolt should be preset to fix the shape.

The window frame and wall are evenly spaced and filled with foam to ensure full and dense. A silicone must be sealed inside and outside the window frame to prevent seepage. Glue as transparent as possible, dry after processing, because it is easy to change color, it is not appropriate to use too much. When assembling glass, there should be a plastic mat, fastened with glass inlay or glass glue. Finally, the protective film must be removed after installation.

What is a folding window account? The folding windows are in front of the room and are fitted with hinge telescopic mechanism to tilt them as much as possible. Folding windows look like regular windows, many small balconies can't stick out windows, and this folded window is a great way to solve the problem, so we can follow it and look up at the sky. This brings more sunlight to the balcony and bedroom, making the whole window more practical. The folded windows can be half open or completely open.

Folding windows can play a good job of the balcony partition function, but also targeted measurement and design, effectively break the limitations of the traditional startup mode, the appearance of more beautiful. Advantages of folding window owners on balconies: folding windows because of their own characteristics, can be moved to the side, to a large extent to solve the problem of insufficient space. It is divided into side-hanging folding windows and push-pull folding windows. The size of the folding windows for each space varies by environment.

Folding windows with thermal insulation, moisture-proof, fire protection, flame retardant, noise reduction, sound insulation and other functions. Tilt the roof skylight folds up the windows in a medium-spin opening so that the airflow enters the room, and even in the deep winter season, the cold wind does not float. Folding Protective window material and structural design features, so that it has the most ideal anti-theft effect, can be used as a family, institutions security anti-theft facilities. At the same time, perfect protection function can be coordinated with interior decoration, beautiful shape, does not affect lighting, ventilation and landscape, in line with the requirements of modern decoration and property management.

Avoid accidents in high-rise buildings where objects fall. Easy to open and close, in line with fire escape requirements. If you're not using folding windows, don't rush to buy them and make a decision when you know more. After reading this article, you know how to install folding windows on the balcony. Detailed steps have been written in the article, and you can get to know it at a glance.